Take it slow


I played a lot of tunes in my head, that sometimes I almost sound like them- all weird and unusual.

I still do some ‘tick-a-til-too’s, at times; they still can make me jump on my feet and dance to the nonrhythmic sounds, and oh yes I do look like a silly doll but I never really care.

In my head, I still have you to catch me if I fall, I still have those eyes staring to my soul- telling me how lucky you are to just have met me, I still have you to tell me that I will be okay, I still have the man who would fly across the seventh sky just to be there for me, yes, I still have you in my memories. I might forever will. Even when I knew the man I keep in my dreams isn’t real, but what do I do when that corner of my heart refuses to be empty, but declined to let others in except you.

I might never have roses, never found rainbows, but you have been a taste of fire that I will never forget- a step to rebellion that I’ll never ever bound to repeat.

And just in case you ever wonder how I was doing-

“I am okay.”


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