You are the colorless version of myself.

Black, and white.

Have you ever seen magic happens, even without colors?

I have. And you, are my only magic.


But I am never your color, and never will be.

So I am not shocked at all to see you, oh so attracted to her

Even I can see all the rainbows her smiles contain, and all the sparkles her eyes hold.


I am not sad, just a bit undone.

Too attached to your presence, too used by your love.

I am sure tomorrow will promise me more life to live,

More joy to behold, more risks to uphold.


I might no longer sees you, but my soul will forever be bound

To the memories you might forget

I might not look like the world you can fit in

But I never asked you to


I might not sound like colors, but I have painted you

Better than she can, better than she ever will be.



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