Have you?


We never knew much about the world we live in.

Sometimes I got stuck watching a video like ‘the dark side of hollywood’ or ‘kanye west illuminati exposed’.

And I wonder what the world really contains, if it is just a small world- it surely never felt like it.

Sometimes you found yourself floating in between what is right, what is wrong. Should I know this or should I just ignore?

Know too little, boast too much.

I am still young, but that’s never an explainable excuse. Or maybe I’m just lazy. Ignorant.

This world confused me. I could always wipe out the bad things that I’d watched by watching loads of pewdiepie, or ellen. But hey, who am I kidding. Nobody can ever just un-know something.

Sometimes you just can’t sleep cause you worry about the world that never even care about you.

Or maybe, the only thing I should be worry about is myself.

And even if I knew, what much could I do?

I am a nobody anyway.


And I do wonder, have you?

Have you ever wonder



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